Sunday, August 5, 2007


Okay girls...sorry I've been MIA on the website but I've been a little busy...I know you all understand! So just to let you all know that I started on Twilight. Holy Crap! I LOVE it. I read it everytime I sit down to feed the baby and it is so amazing. As I've been reading I've been trying to cast the parts also. I can't think of anyone beautiful enough to play Edward though...keep up the search Shannon. I know there's someone out there. Anyways, that's about it for me for now.


Marilee said...

I KNEW you'd LOVE it! I'm so glad you are reading it!! Yippee!!!
I get to meet Stephenie in 15 days. I'll be sure to take pictures AND blog them! :-)

Alysha said...

I'm so jealous, if you've finished book 2 "New Moon" than feel free to check out my blog and give your input on who I think should play Edward.