Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Turn... About Me

1. Full Name: Jocelyn Anne Kohler Staller
2. Age: 29 (I have less than a month left before I have to say I'm 30!)
3. Married/Kids?: Married to Ben and no kiddos of our own yet
4. Work: Well, currently I'm a full time stay at home wife. Does that even count? Since we got back to the US I have been traveling here and there and so... no job. We'll see how much longer the status of my employment/unemployment lasts.
5. Resides: Round Rock (Austin), Texas
6. Hobbies: Blogging, Photography, Scrapbooking, Traveling, Reading (I have in the past few months really started loving to read again, thanks mostly to Twilight and Stephenie Meyer!)
7. Loves: Ben, my family, my friends, vacations, chocolate, baking, my TV shows (lots of reality TV in there), yummy shower gel and lotion, photos, Thai food, pedicures, fresh laundry, chocolate chip cookies, my Mom's cooking, a clean house, my afghan blanket, and I (like Julie mentioned I think) also love acrylic nails but haven't had them in a long time, I think it's time I get them again. And oh Angie... I am right there with having my towels folded a certain way. In fact I just folded a large load of towels this morning and they look great. OK this list has gone on long enough.
8. I am on this blog thanks to: Shannon
9. Dreams: To be a mom. To live closer to my family. To go on vacations.
10. Addictions: Blogs, Google, The computer (although without the internet it gets boring quickly), DVR (especially now that there is nothing on I can go back and watch my favorite dances on SYTYCD... don't tell anyone). You know you're addicted when something happens in life (away from the TV) and you want to push the back button to skip back 7 seconds! This happened to me a few times when driving and listening to the radio. Scary. And I have to say that my husband is addicted to NOT watching commercials. If I let the commercials play (which I often do when I'm watching TV and on the computer at the same time) he can't help himself from telling me to FAST FORWARD.
11. Biggest Dislikes: Who said dryer lint? Ha! That was funny! I agree about that, yuck. Also... Bugs! Sick I hate them all! I do not appreciate the bull frog hanging out on my hose nor the geckos that sometimes get IN my house. Get me out of Texas!!


Kacey said...

You live in Round Rock! NO WAY! I grew up in Georgetown...right next door! We lived in Berry Creek which at the time was way out in the boondocks on the edge of town but I've heard its grown so much there I wouldn't even recognize it anymore. I totally feel for ya with the bugs...I HATE THEM and there are so many creepy crawly disgusting weird looking bugs down there, among other creepy things like snakes, possums, armadillos....EWWW! I could go on and on! I remember all too well. Like I tell all my friends in Utah...Texas is a great place to be FROM! :-)

Louise said...

Anyone who loves perfectly folded towels, and Thai're my kinda girl!!

shannon said...

joce, you are killing me! you forgot to mention a white wash cloth while you are in the shower as one of your loves! oh, and also vacuuming in the middle of the night!

Alysha said...

Who says you HAVE to say you're 30? And BTW Jocelyn is my daughters middle name so I already like you. I'm with ya on the FF with tivo, I am a total SYTYCD fan so say it loud and say it proud sista. I could pick out so much more that I agree with but that would probably be your whole post so I'll stop there. Love Ya!

Jocelyn said...

OK Sharn... no more vacuuming in the middle of the night for me... and I now use the brown or light brown washcloths in the shower because did you know that shower gel stains them? Buggin. I am sorry, I have tried MANY times to make the switch to a shower sponge but JUST CAN'T DO IT!
And Alysha... I love your daughter automatically!
Kacey... I have seen a few dead armadillos on the roads but not by my house and if I do see any of the creepy things you mentioned close to my house make no mistake... I will FREAK OUT! Sometimes I need to use the hose and I just forget about it because the first (and LAST) time I went to turn the hose on that stupid bull frog made a noise and seriously almost gave me a heart attack!