Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Gals!

Hey to all! Alysha introduced me to this blogging website. I have to also say thank you to her for introducing me to the "Twilight"series. I have joined the bandwagon and ...LOVE IT! I have also gotten my mom to read the series as well. Wednesday I bought "New Moon" and "Eclipse." Earlier that morning I had just finished "Twilight." I can't wait until Alysha's Eclipse party either!
I love reading about what products you gals are loving right now. If you guys have any other product likes, let me know.I have a feeling that I will become like Alysha said, "Addicted to blogging." I am happy to join and I will be doing my page as soon as possible with 2 kids under 3! You all know where I am coming from!
I also got all the things needs to make the Cafe Rio food. I will let you know how it all turns out.

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Alysha said...

I love that you got your mom hooked on twilight! I'm seriously so excited to talk about the books. I am not kidding when I say you're all invited to come because I'd love for us to meet. Anyone who wants to come to my party in Utah it's on Oct. 9th at 8pm so save the date. I'll post an official invite closer to the date. I already have like 24 ladies invited but the more the merrier.