Friday, August 17, 2007

Family/Friend Tree!

I think it was Louise who asked for a family/friend tree to figure out where everyone fits into our little blog. I will admit I don't know how a couple of you ladies fit in, so feel free to edit as soon as you like!

We'll start with Shannon

Shannon is friends with -

Angie J

Julie is sisters with MARILEE and HEATHER

Julie's sister-in-law is LINDSAY

Lindsay is friends with ALYSHA

Julie, Marilee and Heather are cousins with KACEY

Marilee is friends with LOUISE

Mandella, I don't remember where you fit in, so fill me in so I can remember!

I hope this helps! If I forgot anyone else I apologize for my stupidity!


Alysha said...

Shannon, are you related to anyone here?

Jocelyn said...

OK, I think Mandella is friends with Shannon in Orem. I am only guessing because I checked out her blog and there is a picture of the Twilight party that has Shannon in it. And I don't think Shannon is related to anyone on here although a lot of times it feels like she is one of my sisters! :) Funny how even though I haven't met a lot of you I think I could have done the family/friend tree just because of all these blogs! Also, this reminds me of one time freshman year when Julie drew out her family tree for me and I became confused but after a few minutes finally got it, sorta. :)

Marilee said...

And Yvette, who just recently joined are circle is my friend here in CO! She is HILARIOUS as you will all quickly learn once she shares her first post! Welcome YVETTE!!:-)

Lindsay said...

I was wondering if it was Yvette F. Is it? Very nice work on the family/friend tree Heather, you rock!

Louise said...

Heather, thank you!

Julie said...

Heather forgot to mention that Ang, Shannon, Jocelyn and I were all roomies freshman year at BYU! That's an important part of the puzzle!

shannon said...

yeah, mandy is my friend here in Orem. and Yvette is friends with mar. and joce, ang, jules, and i all lived in Chipman Hall together. and mar and heather are julie's sisters. and kacey is their cousin. and lindsay s. is julie's SIL. and alysha is lindsay's friend. boy, are we confusing!

Mandella Green said...

I am shannon's freind-and Lindseys.