Friday, August 10, 2007

A non-Stephenie Meyer-related post

I know that once everyone is done reading "Eclipse" (or all of them in some cases...Ang, Linds, Kacey...get on it!) that we will all get back to our normal lives of blogging about other things. But in the meantime, I have to tell everyone to see "Bourne Ultimatum." Adam and I saw it last weekend for our bi-yearly outing to the movies. I love it. I loved the shaky camera, I loved Matt Damon, I loved the plot, and I love that he finds out his true identity! If you haven't seen it, do it now! It's highly recommended!

Also, since a few of us on here don't all know eachother, I have tagged everyone to write about themselves...I'll go first. You can copy my text, and then put in your own answers!

1. Full Name: Shannon (no middle name) Petersen
2. Age: soon to be 29, on September 20th, yikes!
3. Married/Kids?: Married to Adam, mother of Collin Jex: 2 1/2
4. Work (and yes, a mom is work!): I work full time at SOS Staffing as a Corporate Trainer of new staff, and a Software Trainer of existing computer programs, and a full time mom!
5. Resides: in good ole' Utah Valley...but someday dreaming of living in St. George, UT.
6. Hobbies: Photography (, Scrapbooking (i love me some archivers), Cooking, Wood Painting, watching Reality TV, Ironing, BLOGGING, reading, collecting trashy gossip magazines, river rafting (don't get to do it much though), eating, gossiping with friends, and shopping!!!
7. Loves: dark chocolate, DIET COKE, baked lays, good friends, testing out new recipes, eating at Rumbi, NASCAR, the Purple baby lotion, good shampoo, getting my back scratched, loves from my husband and son, my mom, my sisters, typing fast, meeting famous people, playing around on photoshop, Edward Cullen, people with accents, volunteering, my Beehives, laying out (which i haven't done in ages), pina colada's, the beach, vacations, getting pedicures, and much much more!
8. I am on this blog thanks to: me, myself, and I!
9. Dreams: to be a stay at home mom, to also be on Oprah with the Miller girls, to have my photography published someday, to have all my kids grow up to be good and faithful, to be best friends with Stephenie Meyer so I can find out all the juicy details about book 4, to have enough money to visit my friends whenever I wanted to, to have a makeover by Stacy and Clinton, to have awesome vacations with my family, and live happily ever after!

Now you all need to post about you!


Kacey said...

Hi response to the question on my post. I'm from the Jim Scadlock line..and we have met. I was even at your house for Julie's bridal shower. I don't know if you remember but I set you up several years ago (thru Julie) with a guy (don't remember his name but he was quite hot) and he ended up being a total jerk. So all these years later..I APOLOGIZE!! Of course we've all moved on and it doesn't matter anymore but I never got to say sorry about that. :-) Glad you like Dark Choco too...all my friends have teased me about that for years! (I always keep a stash of Girradelli 70% dark chocolate squares in my pantry)

Alysha said...

Shannon thank you thank you thank you for inviting me to join. If we ever met in person I think you'd be all pathetically disappointed. I'm not nearly as lively as I am blogging. In fact I'm quite shy face to face. So thanks again for giving me an out where I feel free to express the way I really think w/out getting glares. Love this blog!