Friday, August 10, 2007

K--I finally Have a Minute Cause Stinky Reecey's sleeping.

1. Full Name: Julie Jean Miller Brinkerhoff
2. Age: 28--almost 29 on October 31
3. Married/Kids?: Married to TJ Brinkerhoff and mother of Jackson-7, Natalie-5, Brady-3, and Reecey-3 1/2 weeks
4. Work: I am a full time mom.
5. Resides: sucky sucky sucky Plainfield, IL : (
6. Hobbies: Scrapbooking, reading, blogging, facebook, playing with my kids, vacationing with my family, doing picture montage DVD's
7. Loves: Date night with TJ, girls night, chocolate, DIET COKE WITH LIME, my family, my friends, vacations, pedicures, acrylic nails, going to the spa, going to lunch with friends, shopping, FOOTBALL, listening to Shannon talk about NASCAR, and lots of other things.
8. I am on this blog thanks to: Shannon
9. Dreams: I am so with you Shannon about a makeover from Stacy and Clinton, moving to Colorado, having lots and lots and lots of money so we can have WKTGS get togethers in Hawaii(my treat), have my kids be good forever, have my kids healthy and happy!
10. Addictions: Eating out, Diet Coke, my computer
11. Biggest Dislikes: Reecey screaming at me, Brady whining at me, when my kids are hurt, living in Illinois

ok--that's all for me! Can't wait to read all about you all!


shannon said...

i love that you love to listen to me talk about NASCAR...that was one of the funnest weekends of my life. i felt like it was freshman year all over again and we were waiting outside the locker room for the players to come out. oh, we were pathetic.

Alysha said...

What is facebook?

Kacey said...

I'm curious too...what is facebook?

Lindsay said...

Oh honey! Just remember, Reecey won't yell at you forever and she doesn't hate you. She's just trying to figure her life out. I'm so sorry you live in Illinois, but soon you'll be in Denver, hooray!

Kacey said...

Hi Cousin (again)...isn't this so fun! Loved reading about you even though of course I know you. BTW, Can you send me your email address? I thought I had it but I don't. Send to