Monday, August 13, 2007

TWILIGHT OBESSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is SO sad how my mind is TOTALLY obessessed with these books. But, they are AMAZING and they give me the "Rhetorical Milk-Bone" my mind needs to chew on each day!! GREAT ARTICLE IN THE DES NEWS TODAY ABOUT HER:
ECLIPSE IS JUST THE BOMB!!! There is also a 1 min video on, where she promises to wrap up bella's story with a nice bow, but says she may write more about the vampires. BRING IT ON!!! I am a willing and anxious fan. In fact, I'm like a newborn VAMPIRE because it is so delicious that I can't STOP MYSELF.
okay, enough!
anyway, someone wanted the questions i used for our twilight party, so I will post them here. DRINK UP LADIES!!!

Twilight ?'s
Do vampires bathe?
Does Alice live vicariously through Bella?
Why can’t Edward read Bella’s mind?
Bite or no bite? Why?
Who broke the treaty first and when?
IF Bella turns, how would she feel dieting all the time (vegetarian)? All tofu, not cheesecake or cheating…EVER! How would you feel? What if she messes up? Is it murder?
According to the author, what happens when someone’s traits and characteristics when he/she becomes a vampire?
Do Edward and Bella ever open-mouth kiss?
When was the last time Edward kissed someone?
How are the Cullens able to do what they do?
Why do vampires sparkle?
If Bella turns, is it worth giving up her human life to be with Edward? Why or why not?
Why are some transformations more painful than others?
Edward or Jacob? WHY?
If you could be a character, who would it be and why? Ask EVERYONE!
What vampire skill or trait would you most like to possess and why?
Which man in the novels would you most like to be with and why?
What do you love most about the books and why?
How would you like to see it end?
What is your LEAST favorite part of the book(s) and why?
How long will it take you to read ECLIPSE?
Would you like to kiss a vampire? Why or why not?
If you are obsessed with these books…SCREAM RIGHT NOW!!!!******(this one is epsecially fun!)
Did any of the Cullens have any family before they were changed?
What is the only fluid a vampire has?
Why is there an apple on the cover of TWILIght?
What is appealing to you about Jacob Black?
How is Jacob much more realistic than Edward?
If you had been alive for more than one hundred years, would you look for a mate? What would you do with the time?


Julie said...

Good questions. I'm gonna have to try to answer those...but I must admit I don't know the answer to a lot of them! I'd have to go back and check the book. I wish we could all get together to discuss. Maybe over the phone!

Alysha said...

Thanks, these will be great for my Eclipse Party