Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get to Know Me

1. Full Name: Charlotte Renee` Mitchell
2.Age: 28
3. Married/Kids?: Husband: Jason, Kids: Amelia(Mia) Just turned 3 a couple weeks ago and Jackson who turned 4 months today!
4. Work: Stay-at-home mom, but certified Elementary Education teacher
5. Resides: Draper, UT
6. Hobbies: Reading, traveling, working out, scrapbooking, cooking, shopping for my kids and really for anything, watching football (NFL and College), fishing, sewing.
7. Loves: I love Ebay, watching movies, like many of Bare Minerals(I have been using it for almost 2 years now), Ann Taylor clothing, hanging out with friends and family, going to plays, Gymboree clothes for my kids, Sundays, Sephora, going out to eat.
8. I am on this blog thanks to: Alysha
9. Dreams: That my family will always be healthy and happy and that we will all be together for eternity.
10. Addictions: The Internet: Ebay, now blogging, checking my email, Twilight Series (any info. about it.) buying clothes for my kids.
11. Biggest Dislikes: People who drive slowly, mean and rude people, waiting too long in line(hey, I have 2 under 3...) people who lie, people who are always late.


Jocelyn said...

Welcome Charlotte! I love your name. I see you love Sephora... me too. Don't know if you saw when I posted about my new favorite shower gel but you must try it. I'm getting ready for church actually and the whole bathroom and bedroom smell delish after my shower. Anyway, welcome!!

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you are on our blog Charlotte! It is really so fun to see all the cool stuff that everybody likes! Welcome!

Alysha said...

I read this right before church but had to shut down before I could comment. ugh! I'm so glad you love these ladies as much as I do. It's so much fun having you on our blog! Maybe you can help me navigate around ebay. I've purchased a few things but have never sold. So glad you're here!!! :)

Marilee said...

Hi Charlotte! Welcome! I could tell I'd like you as soon as I saw that you like Ann Taylor, Gymboree, Sephora and College Football. :-) Glad your on the site!

shannon said...

welcome! we are so glad you joined us...if you want more info about twilight and the series, the site of all sites is you'll love it. and welcome, i too am a lover of college football, ebay, and ann taylor (although i wish i could afford their stuff)!

Julie said...

Charlotte! Welcome to our blog. I can tell we'll be friends because my oldest son is Jackson and I have a SERIOUS issue with buying Gymboree. I was actually on their website last night trying to resist earning my gymbucks! Unfortunately my 5 year old is so over their stuff but never fear because I have a 6 week old baby girl who doesn't have an opinion yet!