Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last Post Today - Sorry!

I told you, I'm a blog addict. Being involved with this one only feeds my illness, enablers! :) Only kidding - love you all!

So I had to post a picture of my favorite new find ever! I got this frame for my birthday and couldn't wait to hang it on the wall before posting.

Not sure if you other moms out there have the same problem, but quickly (as we had kids), all the pictures in our house evolved to be of the girls only. I missed having pics of just me and Beau - maybe mostly because I was skinny and want to remember the good 'ole days. Either way, I wanted them around! So when I found this frame, problem solved. Now, I can have pictures of all of us! And, as newer better pictures come around, I can rotate out.

I'm in love.


angie j. said...

Very cute - I've made a point of keeping photos of us up in our house. I don't have any pics of the kids in our bedroom - just us. I kind of like to keep it just our space. I love the size of that one frame - lots of photos! Very cute Ego.

Marilee said...

Love the frame! I try to make a point of having pics of me and my DH just so people know why my kids are so cute- ha ha! Just kidding! But I'm with Ang on the bedroom thing! Only pics of me and Adam in there! No kids! I don't want their little faces smiling down on me in the middle of .... well you all know what I mean! :-)

Jocelyn said...

You guys are ALL cracking me up!! I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH! That frame is great.