Sunday, August 24, 2008

sensitive matter...

So, I have been brewing about this for a while now. After talking with some friends, and as Marilee (co-creator of WKTGS) has chatted with some of her friends, we have come to the conclusion to post this.

We have decided to set a few rules for this website. I don't think there have been a lot of MAJOR issues, but I know that a few of our readers have been offended/upset by some posts. We have never screened posts before they get published, and I DO NOT want to do that. (Who's got the time)? But I would like to set some rules:

1. Please post about only good things...we started this site because a few of us were emailing back and forth about things we thought were amazing, and found this site to be better suited for that. This site was created in the spirit of GOOD THINGS, (hence the title..hehe!). Please keep that in mind when you are posting. I do love the posts about "what did you think of this" or "has anyone tried this" and that is not what I am referring to. Just keep in mind when posting, that EVERYONE has their own opinion about things, and we don't want to offend anyone by our strong opinions. Same goes for comments.

**this is in no relation to Alysha's post, although it spurred some dormant feelings for some people. this is something that Mar and I discussed long before that "heated" post and comments came about. no finger pointing at all here...**

2. Please be sensitive about posting "Utah Only" things. We have a lot of people on here from around the country, from California to Georgia, and sometimes a lot of UT only things can get annoying for those that live outside of the state. If you would like to post about an event, cool place, or something in UT, please make sure to invite everyone...some of our out-of-Utahers might be visiting and it would be fun to include them. Also, please include in your title "Utah Event" or something like that, so those that don't live here, can just skim over it. And those that live outside of Utah, PLEASE post about neat things in your areas. I love to hear what is going on around the country.

3. We need more posts! I know that the summers can be crazy, but last summer we had over 60 posts in 1 month! What happened to us? Life maybe? If you know of others that would like to be included in WKTGS as a contributor, you can email me at with their name and email address. I am welcome to more people if they're willing to post. Those that haven't posted in over a year might see their name come off this list...(I'm just saying this to get my sister's butt in gear and blog!). But honestly...let's share the good stuff! If you have funny kid stories, neighbor stories, friend stories, let's share them just doesn't have to be about "stuff."

I think you all are amazing ladies with lots of great ideas, opinions, and life stories to share. Let's continue this unique relationship we've been able to create!

a few fun websites...

Okay, so you know those websites that you visit everyday just to see what new things are posted? Here are some of my favorites...

**disclaimer - some of them are funny/crude...don't judge me**

Go Fug Yourself - I've have looked at this site for years (thanks ang!)...they take photos of celebrities in hideous outfits and completely trash them and make fun of them. Great when you've had a bad day and need a pick-me-up.

(no) sex in the city - a HILARIOUS blog of a mormon girl in NYC, she's witty, funny, and blogs about really good music/jewlery/and bad dates.

What others do you look at? I also enjoy Pioneer Woman...have you seen that one? I was thinking of making a fun links page on our sidebar...suggestions?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cute Magnets!!

Our friends, my husband's and mine, Shane and Karin own a little internet company where they make and sell magnets!! Totally cute and creative! Who doesn't need magnets? Check it out!

This is one of my new favorites!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Those Who Live in Utah!! (or not)

You're invited to my party!
My consultant is Julie B., my cousin, from WKTGS!!
Her website is:
I'm pretty sure this is her first, in-home, party!! So come support her!!
Plus, you get 10 % off most products!! Gotta love that!
Thursday, Aug. 21st 6:30-9:00 Open House
Email me for details....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Goodness

So here I am avoiding going to bed.  (TJ's out of town and I HATE going to bed when he's not home)  Anyhoo, some random goodies from my day that I thought I'd share!

The first is this goody from my trip to Costco today.  I have a daughter who does not like Capri Suns, Kool-Aid juice etc.  She loves Tree Top juice and Juicy Juice but I find the cost of that isn't worth the itty bitty boxes you get.  I'd have to put 2 or 3 in her lunch to make it worth her while.  So at Costco today I found a 24 pack of Tree Top Juice cans that are just a little bit smaller then pop cans.  I hope she likes it and I remember as a kid always enjoying bringing cool things in my lunch like canned drinks instead of drink boxes.  Hehehehe.

So I love cute David Archuletta.  When the Idol final was on I really didn't care which David won cause I loved them both.  If you haven't heard David A's new song "Crush" check it out!  Its great!

Jon and Kate Plus Eight...need I say more?  I LOVE this show.  If you're not familiar with it, its about a family with twin girls who are 7 and sextuplets who are now 4.  New episodes are on TLC on Monday nights at 8 mountain time, I think.  But never fear, it is TLC so you can probably find 3 or 4 re-runs a day.  
Tune in!  Kate is an absolute RIOT and the show really inspires me to be a better mom.  I figure if Kate can handle 8 kids, including 6 four year olds then what is my problem with one 4 kids who are 8, 6, 4 and 1?  Besides that she is super super organized and the whole show is Reality Television at its best because its REAL!  They don't hold anything back and it is pure entertainment.  Besides that the kids are adorable!

And just as a side note, I started reading the Twilight series again today from the beginning.  I'm not very far into Twilight but its so interesting to go back and read it with the perspective I have now!  If you haven't done it and you have the time go back and read it!  Its fun, and I've forgotten a lot!

That's it for me for now.  Am I going to bed you ask?  Nope!  I'm gonna read some more Twilight!

My Fave...

I can't remember if I've posted this yet or not, but it's worth a second post if I already did. So here's the deal, when I shower, I like to smell clean scents. I don't want to smell like creme brulee, or a fruit basket...I prefer clean smells like mint, lavender, and eucalyptus. I stumbled upon this shower gel a while back, and continue to LOVE it each time I use it. It has peppermint oil in it, which tingles just a bit. It smells a bit like gum, but I love the freshness of it. It's a little on the pricey side ($12 at Bath and Body Works), but I usually find it on the shower gel sale for $5, and stock up for the year! If you wanna try something new, I highly recommend it. And the husband loves it too! It's called Mentha Body Vitamin Body Wash, by C.O. Bigelow...the same company that makes the yummy lip gloss at BBW!

A Dream Come True!


For those that aren't in the know, (just kidding, I only know because I signed up for Twilight Moms and they send me update emails), TWILIGHT the MOVIE release date has been pushed up 3 weeks! The new premiere is NOVEMBER 21st, rather than December 12th! WOOT WOOT! For those that purchased tickets from me through TM's for the movie premiere party, I will let you know what is going on as soon as they let me know.

I'm just so excited I get to see it in November now, since Dec 12th was close to my due date! But let's get real, I'm sure I would have been there anyways!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Look

I decided WKTGS needs a new look...any thoughts? I found this free one, but I KNOW we have some crafty girls on this blog, so if anyone would like to create a saucy new look, email me at and I will send you my username and password to edit the blog. We can even do a poll to decide!

another love

Okay, so besides the Twilight series, I am going to blog about another love, FOOD!
2 Things, soy banana shakes and cinnamon rolls.

I make this shake practically every morning. I just love it!
1 banana (or 2 if they are small)
crushed ice
about a cup or so of Vanilla Soy Milk
a dash of cinnamon
mix in blender, it's yumm-o!
(even if you don't like soy milk, you gotta try this!)

And here is an awesome recipe I found for Cinnamon Rolls from Paula Deen
1/4-ounce package yeast
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup scalded milk
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup butter or shortening
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg
3 1/2 to 4 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup melted butter, plus more for pan
3/4 cup sugar, plus more for pan
2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
3/4 cup raisins, walnuts, or pecans, optional
Glaze: 4 tablespoons butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 to 6 tablespoons hot water
Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water and set aside. In a large bowl mix milk, sugar,
melted butter, salt and egg. Add 2 cups of flour and mix until smooth. Add yeast mixture. Mix in remaining flour until dough is easy to handle. Knead dough on lightly floured surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Place in well-greased bowl, cover and let rise until doubled in size, usually 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
When doubled in size, punch down dough. Roll out on a floured surface into a 15 by 9-inch rectangle. Spread melted butter all over dough. Mix sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over buttered dough. Sprinkle with walnuts, pecans, or raisins if desired. Beginning at the 15-inch side, role up dough and pinch edge together to seal. Cut into 12 to 15 slices.
Coat the bottom of baking pan with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Place cinnamon roll slices close together in the pan and let rise until dough is doubled, about 45 minutes. Bake for about 30 minutes or until nicely browned.
Meanwhile, mix butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Add hot water 1 tablespoon at a time until the glaze reaches desired consistency. Spread over slightly cooled rolls.

I will be enjoying these tonight around 8pm if anyone local wants to join in the gooey goodness!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does it really get much better than this?

JUST when you thought Sting was too old to draw your eye, you went to the Police reunion tour and realized the PROFOUND benefits of YOGA. HELLO! Brent and I will starting shortly. Just look at the man! If that ain't good, I don't know what IS!