Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Date w/ Stephenie Meyer

Hi All! Sorry for the delay in getting my story about Stephenie Meyer up but here it is!
So Monday evening Yvette (who is still yet to post anything...maybe we could all encourage her with a welcome, as she is new to blogging and says she's not sure what to write) and I headed to "The Tattered Cover" bookstore to try to get some good seats for the question and answer period that was happening before the signing.
Yvette and I

We thought leaving at 5:30 for the 7:00 event would be plenty of time!! WRONG!! We got there at about 5:45 and the place was PACKED! We sat at the back and could hardly see a thing! That was okay though cause we could still hear her and when it was time for the signing we got to be right in front of her! Anyway, during our hour + wait the people who work at the store kept making announcements. "She WILL NOT pose for you but you may take a picture as you pass by!", "She will ONLY personalize "ECLIPSE". Do not ask her to personalize "TWILIGHT" or "NEW MOON"! "You MUST get in line in order of your ticket number", etc. Now imagine these announcements being said in a very dictatiorial, snooty way and that's how they really sounded. I became a bit worried that Stephenie would be a bit snooty since all these announcements were snooty! But alas, I did not need to worry a bit! She was so down to earth, unaffected and real! She answered questions for about 20 minutes and then started signing books! It was hilarious to look around at all the people there. It was all teenagers with a few parents to chaperone...and then there was us...Yvette, two of her friends from Colorado Springs, Katie and Jill, our friends Tanya and Brecken and me. All of us in our 30's, all of us married with children and not one teenager with us! We were the adult mom groupies and felt like we stood out like a sore thumb! It was hilarious! But, the teens around us didn't seem to care and chit chatted with us about the books just like we were one of them (we felt so cool :-).
So, when it was our turn to go up to be herded through the line I started wondering if I should be cheesey and tell her that I was a BYU grad! Of course I'm my mothers daughter and couldn't resist! As she signed my books I mentioned I had gone to BYU too! She was soooo excited! She wanted to know when I was there, where I lived, if I took any English classes? Turns out we were there the same years, she lived in Heritage Hall, me in Helaman and no, other than English 101 (or whatever the number was) I didn't take any English classes! Anyway, she was really cool and it was fun to see that she hasn't let all this success go to her head! She's the type of person that would be fun to hang out with! Anyway, to any of you going to a signing any time soon, it's really fun and totally worth it! Say hi to Stephenie for me :-) Ha ha ha!
This is me (in the black) and Yvette (in the purple) talking to Stephenie. Tanya took the picture just as Yvette stepped in front of the camera! oops! :-)
Me talking to Stephenie about BYU!
Brecken and Tanya getting their books signed!

(So it just occured to me that the pictures of me are hilarious! You know the funny pictures you see of someone with a famous person only its the famous person and the person saying they are in the picture is way in the back, all you see is a head with an arrow pointing to it saying (that's me!) I'm totally LOL at myself because you can't tell that I'm even in any of the pictures!! However, I promise they are of me and I did meet Stephenie)


Alysha said...

OMGOSH....I am so jealous!

Alysha said...

BTW - You and Yvette look like a couple of hot mommas in the first photo. Even if you were the only ones there over 14. Ha

angie j. said...

Marilee you made me laugh so hard. Even your body language in the photos - so cute! Like you're meeting a famous rock star or something. Ok, I'm just about 2/3 of the way through Twilight. I don't totally love it yet - not like I thought I would, but I'm pluggin' away! Looking forward to the other books though. Glad you had fun meeting the "Steph".

Louise said...

I cannot wait for my book signing. I had a similar, funny experience when I went to pick up eclipse. It was me and a bunch of cute, giggling teens. They were so excited to see that someone of "my age" was loving the books...CUTE... I had to ask them to "step aside" (said in a southern accent for full effect) in order to buy my copy! Just kidding! It was fun to talk to them and see them excited about reading! BTW you do look a little star struck girl...LOL. You should see my photos of me and Mitt Romney...hilarious ;-) Ben was probably rolling his eyes ;-)

Marilee said...

Ooooo, I totally want to meet Mitt Romeny! Did you know he and my Dad were mission companions and still keep in touch (somewhat)? You could have told him that you knew Don Miller. He'd have been pumped about it! :-)

Yvette said...

Okay, so yes I stepped in front of the camera while Mar was chatting it up with SM. Apologies...But-in my defense-the lady helping SM with the book signing kind of yelled at me to not hold up the line! Now, everyone knows what the back of my head looks like - including me! Sorry Mar!

Jocelyn said...

I was LOL when you said "say hi to Stephenie for me" and basically through the whole post. You are awesome and now my book just seems plain and boring without a signature. Boo.

Tamara said...

So sad I had to miss it (I know, boo hoo I was in Maui!) Thanks for posting the pictures - makes me feel like I didn't totally miss out.

BTW, thanks for inviting me to join this great blog!