Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting to Know Me

Alright I'll go next! I'll admit I have a bit of a internet information phobia, I must get it from Bonnie (that's my crazy Grandma for those who don't know her), but some info will be limited because I have an intense fear that some crazy dude will read about me and my kids, come find us and do bad things. So, hear is the more condensed version! :-)

1. Full Name: Marilee Anne
2. Age: soon to be 33, on October 2nd
3. Married/Kids?: Married to Adam, mother of Spencer, Annie, Garett and Logan
4. Work: Full time mom, work a wee bit for my Trainer doing scheduling and marketing, and now have an INTENSE desire to work part time at "The Tattered Cover" so I can buy all my books 35% off :-)
5. Resides: Somewherer in the rocky mountain area of the US :-)--LOVE IT.
6. Hobbies: Reading, Planning big events like parties and stuff, Photography (someday I'll be good like Shannon), watching Reality TV (especially AMAZING RACE), Blogging, eating, working out, mountain biking, golfing, vacationing, shopping, movies, girls nights, organizing rooms and closets in my house! Playing with my kids! keepig in touch with friends!
7. Love: My hubby, my kids, my mom and dad, sisters and brother, extended family, good friends, chocolate, DIET COKE, eating brownies and ice cream, meeting famous people, Edward Cullen, Ryan Seacrest, Lava Flows in Hawaii, massages!
8. I am on this blog thanks to: Shanon and myself (Shan came up with the idea and created it, I supported it and wrote the first post! :-) Thanks Shan, I have a feeling this could someday get us all on Oprah! Could you imagine! We'll have our first "We know the good stuff" Girls Weekend and be on the Oprah show ;-0

I'm Adding one more question:

9: What are your dreams?: I love this question because I have many dreams and its fun to share them. Some of mine are: to be a guest on the Oprah show because of something amazing i've done (don't know what that is yet) and NOT because some predator found me on the internet and hunted me down, only to let me live so I could tell my story on Oprah! To be BEST friends with Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw (three of our kids are around the same ages)! To have a "mommy makeover" (ask me about this but as a hint it involves surgery, tummys and boobs, hint hint)! To have enough money that I can treat all my closest friends and family to fabulous vacations! To have all my children, nieces and nephews be good!

Tag, you're it now! Let's hear about ya!


shannon said...

love it, and i'll join you in the mommy makeover!

Alysha said...

I find myself organizing closets a lot too. I don't know why, people don't go wandering through my house opening closet doors but they do use my bathroom and unfortunately I'll let that go unorganized for days... what's up with that?