Monday, August 27, 2007

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey girls - First of all, I just want to say how excited I am about this blog! How fun.

1. Full Name: Tamara Faye Nelson Cooper-Leavitt (I know - a little long)

2. Age: Seriously? OK - 34

3. Married/Kids - Married almost 14 years to my hot hubby Jeramy, Ella- 4 1/2, Finn - 6 months

4. Work: In my former life I was a CPA but I got a promotion to SAHM when I had Ella. It's the best job ever!

5. Resides: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

6. Hobbies: Shopping, reading, working out, photography, decorating my house

7. Loves: Music, EBay, girls night out, date night, talking, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Clorox wipes, PuraCleanse (see Marilee's post on this), chocolate chip cookies, shoes, bags, jewelry - really all accessories, Sephora, J.Crew, Anthropologie, The Container Store, Nordstrom and the Rack, Diet Coke, vacation sex (sorry - I just got back from a trip with hubby and no kids. SIGH!)

8. I am on this blog thanks to: Marilee

9. Dreams: Rich, thin & beautiful! I would love to reach my goal weight/size before I have another baby (probably not going to happen but it's still a "dream"). Another baby. A pregnancy without puking my guts out. A house on the beach and cabin in the mountains that I could share with family/friends. To be able to walk into J.Crew, Anthropologie & Nordstrom and buy what I like without checking the price tag. To raise my kids to be loving, considerate, righteous and confident and have them still love me in the process. Lots of beautiful grandbabies!

10. Addictions: SHOES! My computer - Ebay, email, now blogging, iTunes (wow, those $0.99 songs really add up!) Cleaning and organizing my house, hair products, wardrobing and stylizing my family, diet coke, People magazine.

11. Biggest Dislikes: stretch marks, telemarketers/solicitors, rude people who work in the service industry (hello - you're getting paid to be polite!), inconsiderate people, a messy house, not being able to fit into my clothes after a vacation!


shannon said...

you are hilarious...and how fun a vacation w/out the kids...lucky! i so love me some Diet Coke, and wish i could shop in those stores w/out checking the price tag. welcome to the blogging world! darling photo btw!

Kacey said...

Love that picture...sooo sweet! (You totally remind me of Katie Holmes!) Welcome to the blog! I have a little girl and baby boy just about the same age as yours. I too love the Container Store...makes me want to reorganize everything in my house. And of course, love the vacation sex comment...hilarious and I totally agree with you on that! :-)

Julie said...

Vacation sex is the best! Glad you got away for a good vacation. The last vacation I had with my hubby I was preggo and still a little sick so there was not much lovin going on! I'm Marilee's sister and Lindsay Smith's sister-in-law by the way! Welcome to the blog!

Jocelyn said...

Welcome to the blog! I love The Container Store too... that reminds me I have some major organizing/cleaning to do today. Great picture. Glad to have you join the blog! It's addicting so watch out! :)

Charlotte said...

I love Ebay too! I get so sick when I am pregnant too. I am talking all day long, even on medicine for almost 4 months! This last pregnancy landed me in the Emergency Room for dehydration. So...I feel for you. I am new to the blogging world too. It's so much fun though!

Alysha said...

I love your kids names. both of them are about 3 months older than my little girl and baby boy. How fun! You were cracking me up durring this whole post. And what a beautiful picture. No wonder your hubby wanted some time away from the kids!

angie j. said...

Welcome! I love your photo - and love that you want lots of grandkids. Will we ever get to that point? We just started kindergarten last week *uggghhhh*

Yvette said...

Tamara - I'm glad you're here! I know I see you at the park every week, but I'm excited to get to know you even better thru the blogging world... I showed Paul your picture and he said it was so cute..and, of course, I agree. I'm glad you mentioned the Container Store - I'm working on organizing my house better and I'm pretty sure a trip to that store is just what I need!

Marilee said...

Tam!!! YIPEE!! Girls, you are gonna LOVE this blog member! Talk about "knowing the good stuff"! If anyone does its Tam! From where to shop for the best bargains, to how to decorate your house to the nines! Welcome to the Blog Tam!! LOVE YA GIRL!!!