Friday, September 19, 2008

We the Women!

So this isn't really a we know the good stuff kind of a thing but there is nothing as powerful as a group of good women so I know I can turn to you girls for help!  

As many of you know I'm taking my family blog private.  I watched part of an Oprah show the other day that talked about child pornography in this county and I was deeply disturbed by it.  On the show Oprah said that because of lack of funding law enforcement can only track and find 2% of the people out there who produce and trade child pornography.  There is a bill, the Protect our Children Act, Bill 1738 that we need to support.  The Bill would allocate $325 Million over the next 5 years to help fund law enforcement to be able to track and find and arrest and prosecute more of these pedophiles.  We can support the bill by writing to our Senators.  Please everybody go to and find where it says "Help pass Bill 1738, the Protect our Children Act."  Read the instructions on how to look up and then write a letter to your senators, encouraging them to vote yes on Bill 1738!  There is even a pre-written letter that you can copy and paste!

I know that "we the women" of WKTGS can help make a difference!  

Please tell all the wonderful women in your life to help with this cause!  We need to protect our sweet little children.

ps--those who live in UT...don't bother sending an email to Senator Orrin Hatch...he is sponsoring the bill.  There is another UT Senator that could get the email though!


*alysha* said...

I don't watch Oprah so someone will have to fill me in.

I've noticed a lot of you are going private on your blogs now. I love taking a peek even though I don't always comment (Sorry Marilee I know that bugs you)
Please send me an invite so I can still read them. You can get my email from Lindsay S. or Julie B.


*Amy N* said...

So if your blog is private what is the risk? Did they discuss that? When it comes to pics we have stayed private but I wonder how private they really are. I will go sign the list. Thanks for the update - I haven't watched Oprah for a long time but am often (not always) grateful for what she initiates.

Julie said...

I don't think that WKTGS needs to go private cause none of us post pics of our children. And as far as private on Blogger goes it is really private cause only people you register can have access to your blog.

Marilee said...

Alysha, you are so funny. It doesn't bug me when people I know "stalk" my blog :-) only the people I don't know. If I don't know them and they don't comment, oooooooohhhhhh, now that bugs! Just kidding! I'll get your email or you can make a comment. I moderate my comments and won't publish any with email addresses in them. Anyway, I saw the Oprah too and could only last about 5 minutes, it was SOOOO disturbing. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is posting pics of their kids on their blog to go private. A friend in my ward received horrible, terrible comments about her little boy. The guy new WAY too much about him and their family. It freaked her out so she went private. Go watch or read part of the show on and you won't need any more convincing!

Lindsay said...

I sent the letter to both of my CO senators. Hopefully something will get done concerning this, SOON!

SHANNA said...

i sent letters too and i watched OPRAH today and the BILL PASSED!!!!! YEAH! hooray for all the people who made a difference!