Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi Girls,
I just wrote a similar post on my blog but wanted to put it here as well. Sorry to those of you who read both this and my family blog. Anyway...
The following story isn't, in any way, what I consider "Good Stuff". It, in fact, is one of those things in life that we almost never talk about when we have one of those "what if" conversations with someone. However, I decided to post it here in the spirit of why we blog. With all the scary things that can happen out in the blogging world with stalkers, and pshyco's, etc., there is ALOT of good that comes from blogging. Support, love and faith offered by total strangers, who, without the internet, would remain strangers forever.
Please click on this and read the story of a young couple, who are fighting for their lives after being involved in a private plane crash. You'll have to click on "older posts" about three times until you get to the August 17th entry. The sister of the wife updates the couples condition and tells an amazing story of love and faith as she shares their families experiences. Let's all include them in our prayers, and hope that should we ever find ourselves in one of those "what if" situations in life, that others would do the same for us.


Evonne said...

I'm OBSESSED w/ The Nie Nie Dialogues, C Jane and the whole story. I can't stop reading!

It's amazing how people have pulled together for this family. My heard breaks for what that whole family is going through. :(

*alysha* said...

my friend Raquel just posted about them and has a donation button on her blog too.

Blogging really isn't just for blogging. It's amazing what good can come from it!