Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm A Believer!

I have had a major issue with my dishwasher for well over a year now. Let me tell you why. One day, while my sweet 6 1/2 year old was tying to help with the dishes, he tripped over the dishwasher and pulled not only it out of the cabinet, but the piece of the cabinet that it attaches too. I have had zero lucky reattching that piece of board and thus the dishwasher because it is virtually impossible without removing the counter tops. Since that is not an option I have just lived with a rickety dishwasher. Well about two or three weeks ago, my silly efforts to secure it completely failed and I have not been able to open both shelves in the dishwasher or even just one really full shelf without the whole dishwasher tipping forward and the bottom drawer crashing out and rolling across the kitchen floor. To say the least this has been DRIVING ME NUTS! I am not proud to admit that a few swear words may have escaped my lips each and every time this occured! Hey, I'm not perfect! HaHa

The other day, I had a brilliant idea. After having seen this commercial a thousand times and thinking to my self, "yeah right like that really works!" I decided it was worth a try, what do I have to loose and if it works my dishwasher will stay in place. Well, I am most delighted to tell you all that it completely worked, my dishwasher is attached and secure! Yippy.

What is this magic product you ask?

Laugh if you wish, but this stuff totally worked. It was my last hope and I love it the MIGHTY PUTTY!


Julie said...

Ya know all I have to say is sometimes those silly "as seen on tv" products are good. Ped Egg is one of those! I'm glad you have a secure dishwasher now!

shannon said...

so funny...i am such a SUCKER for informercials. i have quite the collection. glad to know it works though!

*alysha* said...

my expensive over the oven microwave handle came off on the bottom and has been driving me nuts as well. We tried heavy duty super glue and it has come off again. I totally didn't think this putty worked but now I think I will give it a try. Thanks!

Jocelyn said...

For people who love "As Seen on TV" stuff... Bed Bath & Beyond is for you. At least from what I can tell. Yesterday I got the mail and went through their ad and they had 2 whole pages of informercial stuff. I saw this product and thought of Heather's post. :) And they also have that PedEgg (I got mine there last year) and now they have it in pink!