Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey, I'm a Newbie

As promised, I will answer these questions right quick:
1. Name - Amiee (hate to put last name just b/c of privacy internet stuff. you know...)
2. Age- 33
3. Married/Kids - married with one baby
4. Work - Realtor
5. Resides - Northern area of Utah, but I'm born and raised Louisiana girl...go South! Woo hoo!
6. Hobbies - singing
7. Loves- my boy, hubby, dogs, friends, family, eating out, movies, boating, entertaining
8. I am on this blog thanks to...- Shannon. I stumbled upon it from another blog months ago, and I love keeping tabs on it. But I can't remember who's blog I linked from!
9. Dreams - would love to be a famous country singer one day...but for now the little "gigs" are good enough!
10. Addictions - unfortunately, food! also addicted to music and blogging.
11. Biggest Dislikes - dislikes?? Hmmm...I can't stand mean people. You know, the kind that are mean and they KNOW they are being mean and don't care. I hate raw tomatoes (but I will eat them any way as long as they are cooked), & spiders (I am terrified of those brown recluse/black widows)...

Well that wasn't too exciting, was it? Thank you for letting me be a contributor! I had about 5 cool things to post about, and now I am going blank (of course). I hope to help keep the site up and running with more "good stuff." I'm so excited to be here!!! Oh, I added a pic of me for fun!


Kacey said...

Welcome!! and nice to meet you! That's awesome you're a country singer! You'll have to let us know about your next gig so we can come watch you. :-)

Julie said...

Welcome! How fun that you want to be a famous coutnry singer cause I do to! Of course it'll never happen but its fun to pretend when I'm in my car!

*alysha* said...

I might be one of those mean people you hate. Just kidding... welcome to the blog!

Louise said...

Hi Aimee! Welcome to the blog. It's so great to meet new ladies and get such great info and advice from everyone!! ...go GRITS. I'm Canadian but have been in GA for 10 years. "Girls Raised In The South" are the best!!!!!