Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Introducing Myself!!

Hi everyone. Angie invited me to join this awesome site and I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I've loved reading this blog for the last month or so and have tried tons of the products mentioned here. I'm excited to contribute more! Here's a little about me.

1. Full Name: Monique Frost

2. Age: 31 but quickly approaching 32

3. Married/Kids - Married almost 7 years to Allen, Carter 4 1/2, Makenna 2 1/2 and baby girl due in February

4. Work: Stay at Home Mommy (though we don't stay home very often)

5. Resides: New to Phoenix, AZ (and for all you Twilight obsessed girls out there, I actually only live about 4 miles from Stephenie Meyer)

6. Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Reading, Traveling, Decorating, Entertaining

7. Loves: Date night EVERY week with hubs, shopping, Target, Gymboree, Children's books, Boden, Eating out, Holidays, Seasons (sob), giving gifts, paper crafting, diet coke with lemon, chocolate chip cookies, organizing, cleaning, salad, mexican food, family traditions, blogging, scrapbooking, my Achievement Days calling, hanging out with friends, Netflix, DVR, Lost & Heroes, my iPod, saving money, getting great deals

8. I am on this blog thanks to: Angie (Ang also set up my husband and I on our first date - I have a lot to thank her for)

9. Dreams: Serve a mission with my hubs, travel the world with my husband (and kids when they are older), build my dream home (sooner than later), be in really great shape again, live internationally with our family, finish my Master's degree, own a vacation home in Hilton Head, SC, live close to extended family, have my kids grow up to be righteous and productive members of society

10. Addictions: Target, eating out, Diet Coke, Staying up way too late, online shopping, blogging, buying clothes for my kids, chunky jewelry

11. Biggest Dislikes: disobedient children, working out (there, I said it), a messy house, general clutter in my house (esp. paper), gaining weight, debt of any kind, laundry and ironing


Julie said...

Welcome Monique. Its good to have you on here!

Kacey said...

Welcome to the blog! I enjoyed reading all about you. I too love children's books, mexican food, my achievement day girls, and hate a messy disorganized house! :-)

alysha said...

Welcome, I'm also an achievement day leader... Love that calling!

Jocelyn said...

Welcome! I loved reading about you. I have lots of the same hobbies, loves and addictions! But... what is Boden? Maybe that is a new post?! :)

angie j. said...

Monique - you're so awesome and I'm so glad you're finally on the site!! I'm achievement day leader too - how funny is that. Keep us posted on your pregnancy - I think you might be the only one on here that currently has a bun in the oven :) Love ya!