Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Get Your Beauty Sleep!!

Hi Girls,
I feel like it has been FOREVER since I last posted. I've been out of town for the past week or so and feel so out of it with all of you. I've been reading and catching up on everyones posts and feel much more at peace with life now that I'm back in the We Know the Good Stuff "Know" :-).

So here is my latest find! Sorry Shannon, it's not makeup but I do believe it can GREATLY enhance your look if you use it. It's a Sleeping Eye Cover. OH MY GOSH!!! Can I just say that I have never slept so good! You'd think it would drive you nuts, but oh no my friends, it is pure heaven. Everything around you is blacked out and you sleep like a baby. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

I got mine while on vacation but I found a website you can order them on. They come in all different colors and styles as well.
Check it out:


Louise said...

Hope you and your hubby had a great trip! Ok, so I've been using a sleep mask for a while now. But... I am having to keep replacing them because my kids are stealing them from me! Yes, my 10 year old son is sporting a sleep mask...what have I done?!. He told me he probably won't take it on his mission though! LOL!! He's so cute! Seriously though. He loves it for the same reason I do- best sleeps ever! Great post Marilee- I'm going to order this one. It looks more comfortable than the other ones I've used.

Julie said...

That sounds nice. I'll wait till Reecey is consistently sleeping through the night though before I order mine.

Heather said...

Sounds interesting although I'm sure Steve would never let me live it down If I used one!

Marilee said...

Oh Heather, You may look funny but you'll sleep great! Adam got over the laughing after the first night I wore mine! It's worth the ridicule! I promise! Also, has anyone else stopped getting emails when people post comments???

Jocelyn said...

So I have to say that it can be dangerous... especially if you put earplugs in too! I got both an eye cover and earplugs on our flights to Manila and decided to try it when I found myself not getting a good night's sleep. I slept so long and sound that I was a little upset because I had wasted a big chunk of the morning. Then I got over it and did it again the next night! Never slept so good. I woke up completely awake... not the normal "still tired" feeling I get every other day I wake up. HA!

I am not getting the comments either, Marilee. Buggin. I am trying to figure it out, because I am getting comments I leave (which aren't the ones I'm interested in getting)!

shannon said...

my husband totally uses a sleep mask also (he's got major insomnia). but his is totally old and ghetto, so i am going to order him this luxe one for his b-day...awesome idea!