Monday, October 8, 2007

Boden & Long Distance

Ok, I've been meaning to post both of these things for awhile now. Someone asked in my introduction post what Boden is. Boden is my VERY favorite clothing company. Here's a link to their website: Boden

Their clothes are fabulously made and just a little bit different from what you see everywhere else. I am especially a huge fan of their little boys clothing (and dresses for myself). My son is definitely out of the gymboree phase and I have had a hard time finding things for him the last year or so. They also resell for a fabulous price on ebay (I ebay most of my kids' clothes, therefore justifying the insane amount of money I spend on them).

Boden is an English company so if you do order from them, make sure you pay attention to their sizing since it is different from US sizing. Best of all, they are almost always running some kind of promotion. The best time to buy is during their sneak peek sales that they do about 3 times a year - it's usually a preseason sale and 25% off everything plus free shipping and returns. This is when I do 90% of my ordering. Right now their promotion is 10% off plus free shipping and returns - you have to get the offer through email so email me at if you want the email.

ALSO, I just have to post about the cheap, cheap long distance. We have been using Big Red Wire for about 4 years now. The rate is 2.6 cents a minute in the U.S. and 3.9 cents to call Canada (I checked for you Angie). You sign up on their website and they bill your credit card. I usually spend less than $15 per month for all the long distance I use (I use a lot because I don't live near my family). Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for ways to cut costs on my budget so I though I would pass this along to all of you!


Julie said...

Oh my gosh! That is so crazy. A friend of mine from California sent me pics of her kids and I commented on an ADORABLE shirt her daughter had on. She told me she got it from Boden, and told me all about it. The other crazy thing about that is that she's a total Gymboree fanatic too and also taught me how to ebay my kids Gymboree clothes. Are you sure you aren't my friend Tiffany????

Kacey said...

I absolutely LOVE Boden...they started sending me their catalog about a year ago (I'd never heard of them before) and I immediately fell in love...kind of hip, kind of different, and totally FUN stuff. I agree with you...everyone should definitely check out their site!

angie j. said...

Boden has such great stuff - and totally your style too Monique! Thanks for sharing.