Sunday, August 24, 2008

sensitive matter...

So, I have been brewing about this for a while now. After talking with some friends, and as Marilee (co-creator of WKTGS) has chatted with some of her friends, we have come to the conclusion to post this.

We have decided to set a few rules for this website. I don't think there have been a lot of MAJOR issues, but I know that a few of our readers have been offended/upset by some posts. We have never screened posts before they get published, and I DO NOT want to do that. (Who's got the time)? But I would like to set some rules:

1. Please post about only good things...we started this site because a few of us were emailing back and forth about things we thought were amazing, and found this site to be better suited for that. This site was created in the spirit of GOOD THINGS, (hence the title..hehe!). Please keep that in mind when you are posting. I do love the posts about "what did you think of this" or "has anyone tried this" and that is not what I am referring to. Just keep in mind when posting, that EVERYONE has their own opinion about things, and we don't want to offend anyone by our strong opinions. Same goes for comments.

**this is in no relation to Alysha's post, although it spurred some dormant feelings for some people. this is something that Mar and I discussed long before that "heated" post and comments came about. no finger pointing at all here...**

2. Please be sensitive about posting "Utah Only" things. We have a lot of people on here from around the country, from California to Georgia, and sometimes a lot of UT only things can get annoying for those that live outside of the state. If you would like to post about an event, cool place, or something in UT, please make sure to invite everyone...some of our out-of-Utahers might be visiting and it would be fun to include them. Also, please include in your title "Utah Event" or something like that, so those that don't live here, can just skim over it. And those that live outside of Utah, PLEASE post about neat things in your areas. I love to hear what is going on around the country.

3. We need more posts! I know that the summers can be crazy, but last summer we had over 60 posts in 1 month! What happened to us? Life maybe? If you know of others that would like to be included in WKTGS as a contributor, you can email me at with their name and email address. I am welcome to more people if they're willing to post. Those that haven't posted in over a year might see their name come off this list...(I'm just saying this to get my sister's butt in gear and blog!). But honestly...let's share the good stuff! If you have funny kid stories, neighbor stories, friend stories, let's share them just doesn't have to be about "stuff."

I think you all are amazing ladies with lots of great ideas, opinions, and life stories to share. Let's continue this unique relationship we've been able to create!


*alysha* said...

I am so taking this personal! j/k

Seriously though, if you need to delete some of my offensive posts or just kick me off, I understand :(

Amy Wools said...

I apologize for posting about my Scentsy party! Since I live in UTAH I posted the title like that but I guess that was a mistake and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Just wanted to invite my fellow bloggers over for a great item (didn't have emails, etc., etc.!!)

Again, Sorry!
Will be more careful in the future!

Marilee said...

Amy and Alysha, Please DO NOT think that this post had ANYTHING to do with either of your posts. This is a topic that has been brewing for some time and Shannon and I have been chatting about it with eachother and a few others for quite a while. It had NOTHING to do with either of you. Besides, Amy, your scentsy post was titled with a title so people knew it was for Utahans and you invited out of Utahans too, so no biggie! We really want this to be a place where people feel free to post what they want, with a tid bit of sensitivity to others feelings. By no means EVER feel like you need to walk on egg shells with your posts! We're just saying lets be sure to keep it a HAPPY GOOD STUFF place!! Love you ALL!!! and your opinions too! (believe me, those who know me know that I have DEFINITE STRONG opinions about most things and I, of all people need to be sensitive to what I comment and post!) Again, it is not anything EITHER of you have done, it's simply been a long time coming, as Shannon and I have received feedback by a few about how they feel! Love you ALL!!!
Keep posting!!

Julie said...

I LOVE you all and WE ALL KNOW THE GOOD STUFF so lets keep the good stuff coming!

*Amy N* said...

Love this Blog! You girls have saved me time, money(bad purchases), etc. When it came time to re-do my daughter's bathroom we went to several websites. Then I remembered Alysha's little find. That was fun. I'll post more. Sorry I posted Utah things - I too would love to hear what is going on outside of Utah though.