Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Those Who Live in Utah!! (or not)

You're invited to my party!
My consultant is Julie B., my cousin, from WKTGS!!
Her website is: www.scentsy.com/jjb
I'm pretty sure this is her first, in-home, party!! So come support her!!
Plus, you get 10 % off most products!! Gotta love that!
Thursday, Aug. 21st 6:30-9:00 Open House
Email me for details.... amywools@gmail.com


*alysha* said...

I'm sorry babe, Charlotte and I have Bunko that night. Have fun though and I hope you get lot's of free stuff!!!

Amy Wools said...

No worries!! Have fun...I have Bunco next week and I love it!! See ya soon!