Friday, April 4, 2008

Who Wants to Join?

Well, since I seem to enjoy joining things (joined Twilight Moms, it's fantastic, can hardly wait to get home from work to read the posts and meet these fabulous ladies), I wanted to throw it out to my WKTGS ladies: Anyone wanna run the Susan G. Komen, Race 4 the Cure on, Saturday May 10th, at the Gateway in SLC? Here is the website with details...we can even form a team:

Please comment back to me if you'd like to join us in the far Julie B. and I are going for sure. If we get enough people that want to do it, I'll form a team.


Mandella Green said...

I'm in!! It's really touching to see so many people who care about something so much. It restores your faith in Humanity.

Julie said...

I'm in! But you already knew that!