Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who is "Watching" you??

I just found this really cool website that tracks who is looking at your blog! It is FREE and the best thing is that no one knows you have the service on your blog. You can get daily reports and see how many hits you have and who is "watching" you! To sign up go to:


Jocelyn said...

Great... I read this and then went to your blog, Marilee... I read your most recent post and I laughed out loud!! I wish nobody had blog trackers because I get so bored sometimes I just click through everyone's blogs and I'm sure if they can see me doing that they're thinking I need to get a life. Sometimes I click through blogs even when I'm not bored, like when I'm watching tv. Anyway, cool thing... and your post on your blog was hilarious! (Maybe I was supposed to leave that comment on your blog, according to your rules) :)

Kacey said...

These blog trackers are cool. I have a few on mine to make sure no crazy stalkers are lurking around. The only thing that's annoying is if someone clicks on my link through let's say your blog...then only your blog shows up as being tracked, not the original url. So the report will show its you looking at my blog 15 times today but really it's other people linking to mine through yours. Does that make sense? I want to see who the original link is! (of course this makes me feel better when I'm blog hopping that my url isn't showing up) :-)