Monday, January 14, 2008

Ped Egg

I have to share my new fabulous find. Maybe you have seen the gross infomercial advertising the Ped Egg. The website is equally bad. But I have to say, I purchased one of these at Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend and it works MIRACLES!!!
I have major feet issues that have gotten worse since I have lived in such a warm, dry climate. It has a microplaner on it that you rub over your feet/heals and takes off all the dead skin. It takes a little while but my feet haven't looked this good in months (maybe even years). They look better than they do after a professional pedicure. Don't order it online, just get it at BB&B for only $10.

Now I sound like the infomercial :)


Jocelyn said...

I can't believe you blogged about this! I heard about this and went to the website and have had it open (the website) for about a week wanting to order it but just hadn't gotten to it yet. I am going straight to Bed Bath & Beyond tomorrow (I even have a gift card to there... awesome)! The commercial is sick... the worst part is when they show you how they empty it. But to me it's not disgusting, it is AWESOME! Thanks for blogging about this so I can feel good about getting it now. I can't wait!! Have you ever used the callus shaver/razor thing for your feet? I love them but they can be dangerous (I have had a few deep slices on accident before with those things)... but I hope this works as well as they do.
Sorry for the novel of a comment, but I am so excited to get the Ped Egg.

Tamara said...

I have been wanting to order one of these for a few months now but hadn't done it yet. Thanks for the heads up they are at BB &B. I have an awesome foot file (the Diamancel) but my feet could still use a little extra work in a few spots.

The infommercial is pretty bad. Any Amazing Race fans recognize Kelly & Jon from a few seasons ago?

Jana said...

I am totally getting that. Dang. I was at BB&B today. I am going back tomorrow! :)