Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

Since "P-dub" (PW) has changed my life--I thought I would do a lovely post about it. I love her site! It's a cooking blog (she also has a photography blog, home & garden blog, and I think something else, too) with tons of pictures and funny comments to boot. But the food blog is my FAV. Most of her food is pretty simple and of course, not necessarily low calorie--but they are easy enough to lighten up if ya need to. Anyways, I recently shared it with a good friend of mine, and she liked it just as much as I do! So now I know it's not just me. Ha! Hope you enjoy it! Click HERE.


Julie said...

That's awesome! Thanks! I'm always looking for new recipes and ideas for my cooking. I tend to get stuck in ruts!

Ri said...

I think I first learned about PW on this site and have been hooked ever since. She also has an addicting novel/work-in-progress that she has posted.

Evonne said...

I'm totally addicted to her photography blog! :) It's a great website