Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 Great Products!

So the first one helped me get through my first few months of Pregnancy. It is Mommy Bliss, Morning Sickness Magic. It didn't totally take all of the nausea away, but it definitely helped ease it and made me much more functional. I've heard of the Preggie Pops or some other stuff, but I don't like hard candy and so these worked great. They are all natural and have folic acid, ginger, B6 and Raspberry or something in them. I highly recommend at least trying them to see if they help. If you are pregnant that is. You can get them at BabiesRUs for about 10 bucks.

Product number 2 I discovered this week. My hair stylist recommended it. I have really fine oily hair and cannot go without washing it everyday. I have tried to 'train' it, but have had no luck, it still in greasy and stinky by the end of day two. I had heard of Dry Shampoo, but never taken the time to go buy it. Until last week that is! Who can resist a product called 'Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret Dry Shampoo.' I mean not only is it Rockaholic, but Dirty Little Secret, it couldn't be better!!! It is made by TIGI and let me tell you it is AWESOME! Really truly I love it. It completely solves my problem and now I can go an extra day without having to wash and blow dry! Being Pregnant and hot makes that an extra bonus. Give it a whirl. I found it at a beauty supply place for $18.95. Worth every penny!

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Louise said...

I can't wait to try the Rockaholic!!! Thanks Heather.