Friday, October 3, 2008

YearBook Yourself

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while (well, I am easily amused). You can use your own "face" and put it with a bunch of hairstyles from 1950 to the year 2000. I had tons of fun playing with it. I even tried to see what I'd look like as a guy! haha! Too funny. Try it for yourself!


SHANNA said...

that was so funny! i even found one that made me look a lot like my grandma. other than that i looked pretty ugly in all of them. you at-least look quite pretty.

Amiee said...

shanna, you are too nice! i was laughing my head off b/c the one of me as a "boy" looks just like a pic of my dad in the 70's. i always knew I looked like him, BUT DANG, i really had no idea how much i did! hahahah so funny! glad you liked it.

*alysha* said...

ok - way funny! the 1996 hair style actually looks like I did when I graduated High School. Sad :(