Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vampire? Are you kidding? NOPE, I'm not!

Okay, so as per Shannon's request I am making the first post! To go along with the name of our blog, I must say that as far as this book is concerned Shannon got it right - We DO know the Good Stuff!

To any of you unbelievers let me share my PE (personal experience) with Twilight. To preface I need to tell you that I belong to a book club and have for a few years. Almost all of the books we have read have been awesome. Especially the books my friend Tamara chooses. IE Snowflower and the Secret Fan, GREAT BOOK. So when Tamara introduced Twilight to us a few months ago, I was completely sceptical! Her description was "Its a youth novel about a vampire with a Romeo and Juliet twist." "What? No WAY! I have no interest in reading a book about a Vampire. I think I'll sit this one out!" Of course I didn't say that outloud but certainly was thinking it! So, I went home and decided that maybe I would give it a chance since Tamara always chooses great books! To summarize, I couldn't put it down! I read it in 2 days and then went out and bought New Moon that night! I read it in 2 days as well! There is so much more to the book than a Vampire, may I just say! There is mystery, intensity, passion and adventure! All in the best ways! The author is LDS and has a way of creating a sexual tension like none other I've ever read! The greatest thing though is that she has kept it totally clean! So to any of you doubters out there, go ahead, try it. You will not be sorry!

Now to just finish off my rant about this fabulous book, I must say that Edward (the Vampire) is my new boyfriend ( he is Shannons too). He's a great boyfriend to have because he isn't real. However, if he were real, Adam might be in trouble :-). The way he is described in the book and the way he always seems calm, cool and collected is so attractive. If they ever make a movie out of this book (which they are planning to right now) I hope they do a good job casting for him! Who they cast for Edward will seriously make or break the movie! After everyone has read the book, lets talk about who we think should play the roles! I have a few ideas myself. What are yours? (include pictures)


shannon said...

OMG, i love your post! you totally described it perfectly and i agree 100% about whoever they cast as Edward will make or break the well as Bella. She's got to be perfect! i wonder if they would cast someone like me??? =)

Heather said...

I am with you both! I love the book, I love Edward and basically, I can't stop thinking about it! Only a couple weeks until Book 3!

Alysha said...

I love this book series. I think Miranda Cosgrove could be casted as "Bella". If you want to read something funny about "Twilight" go to my blog

McKenna Ã…kebrand said...

Thanks for the link to this page. I am more convinced now that I won't regret reading these books. I am hoping that they will make up for my one book a month downfall.

Thanks Mare.

PS. I will be in Utah (hopefully) at the end of April, when you will be in Munich. (Of which is only about 2 1/2 hour drive.) So I suppose that we are switching places, too bad. I'll let you know if Utah plans don't work out, and we should plan on meeting, that would be great!!