Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey Ladies!!

My apologies for not contributing sooner!

Hi girls! Ok, I only have a moment to tell you about the most joyous thing in my beauty regimen lately. FAKE TOENAILS. No, I'm not talking about acrylics you'd get a the salon, but just your run of the mill drug store glue and press on nails. Let me explain how I came to such an enlightening conclusion!

While in Canada I found that my toenails became really brittle. It was so weird. Anyway, Stampede night while we were shoving to get on the train, I accidentally kicked the bottom of Erin's flip flop. My toenail literally ripped right down the middle on my big toe, but then just a chunk of the nail broke off in like a square shape. So I had this big gouge in the middle of my toenail. Hurt like a mother too.

A few days later I'm at the mother's lounge (the small one by the chapel and water fountain) at the Silver Springs building changing Dylan's diaper during church. You know me and confined spaces (hello freshman year and the telephone chord!!)...I trip over my own shoe and with the heel of one shoe totally jam MY OTHER big toe and do the same thing, except this time, the nail rips below the quick. Hurt like a mother trucker!

So I had two mangled daddy toenails and what else could I do? Cyndi set up a spa night for us girls to do pedicures. My toes were killing me. She'd picked up some fake toe nails and no one else was brave enough to give it a whirl. Did I have a choice? There was no way I was just going to wait for them to grow. So, thus I discovered the joy of fake, press on toenails. They are awesome and if they fall off or crack, you just slap another one back on! I had a couple fall of the first week but since then, nothing.

So there - hopefully I'm the first to discover this joy - otherwise I will quite feel like a dummy.


ps...and by the way, it was Laurie Glenn that gave my mom the good tip about the fakies.


shannon said...

ask jocelyn about this one...she's been using Lee Press on toenails since her wedding day...she had some nasty ingrowns that she had to have surgery on, and she's been superglueing them ever since. try some superglue if they fall off again. i might just have to try them!

Marilee said...

Wow Ang, That's a great find. I'll have to give it a whirl because that ALWAYS happens to me! The kick something and get a square crack in the middle of my nail! I'll let you know!

Jocelyn said...

LOVE THOSE!!!! Do you know how happy I was when I found those a couple months ago at the store?! You don't even know! For the past 7+ years I have had to shape the fingernail ones into toenail sizes and now it's so much easier with these! Just FYI... use super glue instead of the nail glue that comes with it. Super glue stays much longer and holds much stronger. I should know. Me and my fake toenail. I have stories, but I'm a little nervous to share. :)

Heather said...

I totally love this find! If any of you have ever checked out the toenails on my left foot, you'll know why! I may have to give them a whirl. Plus you have to love Laurie for a find like this one!

Lindsay said...

I had no idea such an item existed! What a neat find!

Alysha said...

Oh come on Lindsay, I was wearing them at the retreat & one popped off in my bed. I was so embarrassed! I guess I'll have to try super glue next time.