Friday, October 9, 2009

gettin' crafty

hey ladies. it's been awhile, but i'm back in action, looking for business.

if you're looking for car seat canopy's, hair bows, toddler girl skirts, or burp cloths...please visit my blog (still under construction!).

and if you need any recommendations, just ask Marilee!


Marilee said...

Yep, I TOTALLY recommend ALL of Shannon's stuff! It is SOOOOOOO cute. So cute that you'll get stopped mid stride at the mall as people gush more over your baby accessories than they do over your baby! I'm not kidding! My Car Seat Canopy (which I will be emailing a picture to Shannon very soon for all to see)is the talk of the town! I get stopped everywhere I go and people don't even care to see the baby under it (just the way I like it), they just want to see the canopy, ask where i got it and if they can get one too! Soooo awesome! I'm excited for Shannon to really take this and run with it!

Julie said...

You can ask me too!