Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best time of the year!

So this might seem a little odd but for those of you who love the citrus season I have to say, it just doesn't get any better than Costco right now. Every year I know that I can count on Costco to have the BEST grapfruit and clementines ever! My kids are addicted and it happens every year without fail. It is so good that if you thought you didn't like grapefruit and tried Costco's you might say, "I love grapefruit!" Same with the clementines. Sweet and Juicy!


Kacey said...

I completely agree with you! They have great citrus fruit this time of year and those clementines are dang addicting. That picture is making me crave some right now!

shannon said...

yup totally. we bought a bag of cuties on saturday (probably about 50 in there!) and it's already gone. we're heading back there today for 2 more bags to hopefully last us through the week. my 4 year old eats about 6 a day, as do i!

Ri said...

I agree - we've gone through three boxes of what my kids call"sports candy" in our house already. They've even asked Santa for some in their stocking.