Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is NOT the good stuff

Hey Girls,
I just wanted to warn everybody that I have been receiving spam comments on my personal blog lately (twice in the last week) and wanted to warn you guys about it too.  If you receive a comment from someone you don't know that says "click here" just delete it.  Its a virus.  For this reason I have enabled word verification, and comment moderation on my own personal blog since that's supposed to help eliminate spam.  Just wanted to give you all the heads up!


shannon said...

i too kept getting spam comments on my personal blog, so i am going to enable comment moderation on our WKTGS blog also.

Aubri said...

Mandella's blog had this as well. THe word verification usually gets rid of it.

*alysha* said...

Thanks for the heads up! I haven't got the virus comment but I did get a spam comment the other day so I just decided not to share my profile anymore.