Monday, November 5, 2007

Binki Be Gone!

A few months ago when I took Josh to the Doctor we were discussing when a good time to get rid of the Binki would be. He said that he thinks that around 2 is a good time. At the time I could not agree more and actually still do agree because I am just not prepared to deal with the whole fuss and process. He then suggested a good way to help them kick the habit all by them selves with no fuss. This week while I was at Marilee's she told me she had tried it with Logan and it had worked! So, here is what he told me!

Find a place in the house (Marilee used the rocking chair in Logan's room) where you can send your child to suck on their Binki. They can only use the Binki in that one spot in the house. So if they would like to use it they have to stay there, if they come away from that spot they must leave it. He then said that they will soon realize that they are missing out on a lot of fun, TV, games and playing by sitting in the corner or where ever sucking on their Binki and you will find that they spend less and less time and then leave it all together.

Sounds pretty simple - Marilee said it worked for her. So for all you out there who are dreading the time when you have to get rid of it, give this a whirl!


***Marilee said...

IT WORKS!!! I'm telling you after 3 other kids taking the Binki (or the fingers) I've never found a method that works so well and so QUICKLY!!! Good luck and let us know what happens!

Kacey said...

Good luck Heather!